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"I’m closing my heart, just for now. Because I must be isolated, because I must act. The next time I look up at the night sky, all the constellations may have changed."


Accept that your life will be painful, bite back your grief and find the power to stand again.

- Nakiami (Bounen no Zamned)


(Xam’d: Lost Memories) Kylee - Just Breathe

I sincerely apologize for the long absence from Tumblr! I have now replied to all of my asks; hopefully my answers helped a bit. ;3; I will get back to blogging Xam’d soon!! Thank you for your patience.


do you know what ever happened to the manga adaptation of xamd, Xam'd Lost Memories: Pilgrim of The Compass? ive been looking for a site to read it but i cant seem to find it.....

It was published but never translated. You can buy it online in Japanese on websites such as J-Grab.

having a blue hiruken eye means that the hiruko inside a person is dormant, and when akiyuki was xamd and had a blue one he was somehow more powerful or something like that? also, a red hiruken eye means the hiruko is active, but ragyo had an active hiruko and seemed to be in control of his xamd form while fighting on top of the zambani. what do you think it means?

Akiyuki’s hiruken jewel does turn red when he is a Xam’d, but this is really only early in the series when he is still learning.

It turns blue often later in the series when he is in more control and his full Xam’d form has awakened.

Red means full power, but there can be control (like Raigyo). I think being powerful and having a blue gem means that the full Xam’d state has awakened (I don’t think Raigyo has a complete state). It’s also possible that Akiyuki was able to achieve that because he is the Chosen Xam’d.

Blue means dormant and red means active yes, but the power depends on the experience and control of the Xam’d in my opinion.

do humanforms (who still remain to be human for the time being) have triggers that set them off, transforming them into humanforms? for example, that one man with the eyepatch on the island was said to be set off by the netsukudama flowers, and Harus classmate friend seemed to be set off by thinking about her parents and her classmates. id like to hear what you thnk. also sorry for sending in so many asks at once i just got a whole ton of questions for my oc

Well, whenever a humanform or Xam’d has feelings of despair they usually succumb to stone. So I think you can either summon it by will, or maybe when you’re in a dire situation where stress levels are high or you become depressed. Akiyuki often transformed into his mask alone when he was in a tight spot, like when Furuichi was choking him in episode 14.

do you think that the lazer eye things on a humanform act as actual "eyes" for the humanforms or solely as weapons? if i recall correctly, there was one man who akiyuki met by the one girls mothers grave on an island who was wearing an eyepatch, and seemed to be missing the "pupil" of the exact same lazer cannon eye in his humanform form, shown when he attacked Akiyuki. your opinions?

That sounds plausible and likely to me, considering that the green ball emerges from their eyes when they fire lazers. It’s all hiruko energy, and since its melded with human cells to make the humanform, its likely.

do you think that the xamd have any regenerative abilities altogether? the emporer definately does, along with Akiyuki (he got shot in i think episode 1 or 2 and the bullet wounds healed instantly). also, kujirekka seemed to be just fine after being impaled through the shoulder by the emporer after she returned to human form for a bit.

Probably yes, because in Xam’d form I expect hiruko is able to regenerate cells. They do feel pain, but they do probably have regenerative abilities as you suggest!

going off of the last episode, after the 9 year time skip, is it rational to speculate that the jibushirri are immortal to a certain extent, or at the very least, dont age?

Hm, thats an interesting idea! Perhaps that is true. We know very little about them, so that’s entirely possible.