Just some Nakiami and Kujireika from Xam’d at Anime North :)

My friend was Nakiami and I was Kujireika.

(via kagurad)

(via kagurad)


my ship

"I’m closing my heart, just for now. Because I must be isolated, because I must act. The next time I look up at the night sky, all the constellations may have changed."


Accept that your life will be painful, bite back your grief and find the power to stand again.

- Nakiami (Bounen no Zamned)


(Xam’d: Lost Memories) Kylee - Just Breathe

I sincerely apologize for the long absence from Tumblr! I have now replied to all of my asks; hopefully my answers helped a bit. ;3; I will get back to blogging Xam’d soon!! Thank you for your patience.


do you know what ever happened to the manga adaptation of xamd, Xam'd Lost Memories: Pilgrim of The Compass? ive been looking for a site to read it but i cant seem to find it.....

It was published but never translated. You can buy it online in Japanese on websites such as J-Grab.