If for some miraculous reason Xamd got a second season or some original content of some sort, which direction would you like to see it go in? I personally would like to see more of Yango and possibly more about the origin of the Hiruko, but thats just me.

I’d really like a sequel story but with new characters rather than the originals, in the same world as Xam’d. As far as seeing old faces, I’d prefer cameos than anything since their story is pretty well finished (besides like Kobako, Hinokimaru and Yango who are just starting to grow up by the end of the series. I’d like for them to be involved as much as possible since they’re the next generation!) I think something involving Nakiami’s 1000 Year Sleep should be addressed and focused on in the story, but from the new characters’ views. Maybe there’s some people trying to open the Quickening Chamber after a number of years, or something went wrong inside. 

I’m not sure if that would span an entire series, but if not that, then I’d really like a movie. A movie prequel detailing the origin of Hiruko and stuff would also be really neat.

in your opinion, did akiyuki live in the end or was his image/he himself something else? also, if he did survive id like to hear your thoughts on how exactly he may have done that :) thank you

Refer to this response.

Do you have the ost and would you ever upload its' songs? If you do: May you please upload "same feeling"? (which is track #2 on disc 2 I think) Its probably my favorite song in the series past the openings and endings, I love the sentimental feeling it has.

I do have the OST downloaded, yes! I’ve actually uploaded a lot of tracks in the past if you’ll check out my Xam’d music tag.

I don’t believe I’ve uploaded that one though, so I’ll get to uploading it as soon as I’m done my exams in a few weeks if thats ok!

i remember akushiba saying to akiyuki that the northern government creates humanforms by putting hiruko into living things, does this apply to animals or otherwise anything living that is non human? also, i feel like there was some dark themes associated with the smaller white humanforms that infiltrate the zanbani. as if they were made from children or babies or something idk its probably never confirmed in Xamd but its something i ponder over a lot.

They probably experimented on animals first I’d assume, but I don’t think the experiments merited a lot of success in terms of creating powerful military weapons. Since they call them ‘Humanforms,’ the ones we see are humans with impure Hiruko forced inside of them (impure because they re-use the Hiruko often in experimentation, and the process of transformation is not natural like a Xam’d’s).

I like to think that some animals who house natural and pure hiruko (ie not by the hands of the government) become the Ongoro when their souls have left their bodies.


I’ve talked a little more about this in another response to a previous ask.

"Where is my enemy? This is your enemy, that is your enemy. This one is without doubt your enemy. The enemy of the people is your enemy as well. Aah, but do you not yet see, this is the easy… the clear answer? You are not yet truly alive. Words from those who look without seeing.

Lazy… lazy… lazy… lazy…

You will never meet your enemy. You are not truly alive… My enemy is not to be sought, lest we find ourselves surrounded. The enemy is not to be awaited, lest it violate us.”


Ever figured out what the jibashiri actually are? How they are able to use their 'magic' I get that sannova probably trains them, where they come from, how they're chosen, what makes their go albino or were they already? I've been pondering their details just curious to know what your thoughts on the battery are..

Really the only information we’re given is that they’re led by Sannova and they are often tasked with the job of harvesting and storing Hiruko for the sake of producing more Xam’ds in the world. 

I didn’t really consider their actions as necessarily using ‘magic’ since it was usually inanimate objects that performed that kind of stuff (ie the communicative chalk circle, or their staffs which absorbed Hiruko). Since they have a close relation with the Tessik and Ruikonism because of Sannova, it’s likely that utilizing Hiruko in the name of Ruikonism probably provided the ‘magic.’ I just figured whatever they could do happened because it was like a ritual in the name of Ruikon and/or Hiruko. It’s not much of an explanation, but I think the writers didn’t want to focus too heavily on it.

They probably humans who came from Tessik, but again we’re not given a clear answer. Perhaps they willingly left the village in order to help the wise Tamayobi on her mission against the Hiruken Emperor. I don’t assume they are albino at first, but I’m not sure.

Okay so I found the world map I. Two places: Episode 3 and in the 3rd Xamd ending, Just Breathe by Kylee. Hope this helps :)

I apologize for the long delay! Finally got some time to properly look at the scene(s) you talked about. Thanks for finding the episodes where the map was shown!



So your question was about why Ishu was referring to Egypt in her poem (“you sit proudly on your throne, like a Queen of Egypt”) when it seems like the world map in her room looks nothing like an actual world map. 

For one thing, It looks like the map was focusing in on a specific area, which means that we can’t really rule out Egypt’s nonexistence if we can’t see the full world map. But considering the names of fictional places such as Sentan Island, its a good idea to assume that a lot of the places in Xam’d’s world are also fictional.

So why mention Egypt? Since it was used in a metaphor and specifically named, really the only thing I can think of is that Egypt is a place in Xam’d despite its other fictional areas. Perhaps its a different Egypt though, considering the geography of the world. We can’t really know for sure since we’re only given a small portion of the world map in the show.

I might give my Xam’d Guidebook a gander to see if it has any images of a larger world map, however I’m not recalling such a section off the top of my head.


Bounen no Xamdou

Episode 3 was the thing with the map thingy

Sorry for the late response. I’ve been superbly busy with Uni work and more has been loaded on me recently with exams coming up.

Thank you for the information! I will get to analyzing the episode and looking over your question as soon as I’m able.


Sorry for the brief absence, everyone! I’ll be sure to respond to asks as soon as I’m able!

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